Ab initio – Selamat Datang ke Borneo


© david meyer

David is of Swiss nationality and has been working for more than 10 years in the banking line as a financial analyst and investor advisor, covering also the tourism sector. He made all his studies in Ticino, Italian part of Switzerland and has joined the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) to work his way up to Wealth Management Research, New Zurich Bank (Institutional Brokerage) and Julius Baer Bank in Zurich.

His passion for tourism and the great outdoors of Borneo has led him to join BorneoTravelGuide.Com in 2003 to pursue a challenging responsibility of developing new markets for the tourism industry of Sabah, Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo) and Brunei. He works closely with each Tourism Boards and Tourism Malaysia to promote B2B businesses in the International Market. He is fluent in English, Italian and German. He is an expert in customising expeditions to Borneo, especially in love with the virgin jungle and always passionate for multicultural encounters.

David lives now, after many years of visits, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, with his lovely wife Kunsang. BTW, both are ex-Swiss bankers.





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